The Arborists Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risk 

The Arborist's Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risk has recently been made available to me and as I have many Amercian visitors to my website I hope that you'll find the information helpful.

It is based on American research and educational programmes but I thought much of it would also apply to trees and fire risk in the New Forest too. Every year I see New Forest fire risks as I drive around, it never hurts to get as much info as you can - does it? 

I hope you find it helpful and also interesting.

The Arborist's Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risks

The Arborist's Resource has many tips and good info for us to follow.

Tree-trimming is an integral part of overall tree maintenance. Pruning trees at the correct time of the year will encourage healthy growth. Trimming also removes dead and diseased branches, which helps keep trees healthier. Arborists study not only tree-trimming and tree removal but also forest maintenance to keep trees healthy.

About Trees

Tree Guardians provides information about maintaining and protecting mature trees.

Arborist Information and Links

The Aloha Arborist Association seeks to educate people about working with trees and becoming an arborist.

Autumn Colors in Utah's Wasatch Range

This earth science picture of the day depicts the brilliant autumn colors found in the Wasatch Range in Utah.

Field Botany Page

Explore the syllabus from a field botany class. Visit links included in the syllabus for supplementary course information.

The Arborist's Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risks

Arborists Resource info including some very handy forest fire risk tips

Community-Based Fire Management

Preventing wildfires involves educating all members of society about the dangers. Children are one sector at elevated risk of injury from wildfires.

Forest Ecology and Tree Removal

Tree removal can be necessary, but conserving forests is also crucial for the environment.

Mississippi Wildlife Federation Kids' Corner

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation presents a Kids' Corner page to education children about wildlife.

Maine Safety and Security Resources

Fire protection helps keep everyone safe from fires. Peruse a list of associations and organizations that work to prevent fires here.

West Nipissing Fire and Emergency Services Resources

Families can benefit from a number of fire safety resources, such as tips for safe winter heating and fire safety in the kitchen.

Town of Belmont Fire Safety

Fire safety includes making and following an escape plan in an emergency, never playing with fire, and testing smoke alarms.

Wildfire Resources

Check fire weather forecasts and incident reports with websites included in this list of resources.

Natural Disaster Research

Third-graders at McDermott Elementary School have compiled a list of resources for natural disasters.

Fire Prevention

Monterey County fire training officers offer information about fire prevention.

Internet Resources

Sandia Mountain Ranch has created a list of resources with information relevant to the local area.

Effortless Ways to Begin Decorating Similar to a Pro

Even people with little professional training can learn how to decorate their homes like interior designers.

What Is the Purpose of Golf Netting?

Golf netting is a useful tool for practicing on the golf course. Golf netting will help contain balls to keep them from flying away and becoming lost.

The Arborist's Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risks

More helpful info from the Arborist's Resource - including lots of tree removal advice.

Guidelines for Stump and Tree Removal

Removing the stump is necessary after you chop down a tree. Stump removal is often the most difficult part of the entire process.

Palm Tree Removal

Removing a palm tree can be an involved process, especially for very large trees.

Tree Removal Basics

A professional will assess the specific issues and tasks involved with removing a tree before providing an estimate of the work and cost involved.

Tree Maintenance

Many cities provide regular tree maintenance, which involves tree-trimming to keep trees from becoming overgrown.

Boulevard Tree Removal Permit Request

The city of Casper, Wyoming, provides citizens with an online form to request tree removal.

URI Position on Tree Trimming and Removal (PDF)

This tree-trimming and removal plan governs the management and maintenance of trees in New Haven.

Tree Regulation in the City of Annapolis (PDF)

The City of Annapolis publishes its city code regarding tree maintenance.

Care of Mature Backyard Apple Trees (PDF)

Keeping mature apple trees healthy requires ongoing maintenance, including pruning and fertilizing.

Tree Removal Program

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, shares information about its local tree removal program.

Bay Laurel Removal

California bay laurel trees are being removed to protect specific oak species from harm.

Public Shade Tree Removal Application (PDF)

Removing a tree that provides public shade requires completion of a form and permission from the town of Upton, Massachusetts.

Tree Removal

After a storm, property owners may need to perform tree removal tasks to remove trees damaged by the storm.

Lillian Anderson Arboretum

Explore fall photos uploaded from the Lillian Anderson Arboretum at Kalamazoo College.

The Arborist's Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risks

Tree Removal Application Form (PDF)

Complete the tree removal application form to remove a tree if you live in Ladue, Missouri.

University Tree Removal and Landscape Policy (PDF)

Sewanee University shares its university tree removal and landscape policy.

Tree-Trimming and Pruning

Pruning and trimming trees is a vital part of yearly maintenance designed to keep the trees healthy and growing properly.

Large-Tree Removal in a Mixed-Conifer Forest Halves Productivity and Increases White Fir (PDF)

Large trees are prized both for their timber and for their place in the environment in a forest. Harvesting large trees can be detrimental to the overall health of a forest.

Professional Consultation: Tree Removal Permit (PDF)

San Bernadino County maintains a tree removal process that involves submitting an application for the removal of a specific tree.

Tree Regulations (PDF)

Consult the city of Des Moines tree regulations before undertaking any maintenance on a tree in this jurisdiction.

The Arborist's Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risks

I think everyone should read the Arborists Resource info re chain saw injuries - it's so easy to have an accident.

Renovating the Lawrence and Eris Field Building

Baruch College posts information about tree removal scheduled for this location.

Tree-Trimming Policy

Peruse the Mattoon, Illinois, tree-trimming policy to learn about city regulations.

Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning fruit trees keeps them healthy and helps them bear higher yields of fruit.

Preventing Chain Saw Injuries During Tree Removal After a Disaster

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention share information for helping to prevent chain saw injuries.

I hope, whether you're reading and visiting from the U.K. or U.S. or other parts of the world, that you have found lots of the information helpful to you in the Arborist's Resource for Tree Identification and Forest Fire Risks. Also that you enjoy this years Autumn, wherever you are, which is sure to be spectacular!

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