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New Forest Life Tales, Issue #Marc--A New Forest ponies, pigs and acorns
April 08, 2024

Sunny's Scary Fairy Tale - an ebook for children (5-8yrs old) to enjoy

Welcome to my New Forest Life Tales Issue 2024.

As you may know if you follow my website, I wrote a children’s ebook (suggested age 5-8/9) called Sunny’s Scary Fairy Tale based on my own lovely New Forest foal.

Here's a little sample of Page One and then I'll tell you why I wanted to write and eventually publish it.

Why and What?

Why an ebook of a scary New Forest fairy tale?
I really believe in kindness. Living in the New Forest means sometimes a pony, donkey, cow or other animal may encounter difficulties. We always just want to keep our animals safe and let them live their lives to the full. It's always so rewarding to see them as they grow up and stay safe. I wanted to share with children, through a fairytale, how each animal out on the forest is special and needs the support of both it's family and herd but also kind people.

So, my tale is based on kindness and is told through the voice of my New Forest pony. It’s built around good and evil represented by New Forest fairies. The tale weaves its way through history when the forest was a hunting forest for an evil king. The good, kind fairies are losing their strength when faced against the evil fairies, who have been getting more power through the King to do their evil deeds.

To make it more attractive to the young readers, (and to help them use their imagination to the full!) the bad fairies smell and leave a grey fug behind them whenever they fly doing their evil deeds against all the forest animals and people.

All the photos are my own! I hope the children will enjoy them as I feel they make the tale unique.

It’s £7.99. Some of the proceeds will be divided between The Donkey Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare and The Brooke Hospital for Equines.
These are all charities I have used and also supported for years and know the wonderful work they do, often against terrible conditions etc.

It's a vertical, one page at a time reader option - suitable for smaller devices like phones.


I hope you enjoy my ebook and it's tale of kindness.
There's a Glossary at the end of the tale and also a dedication to my wonderful husband, who always believed in me.
The photo in the dedication page was taken when our foal was just a few months old. He's grown up fully now and must live a more independent life, out on the New Forest - maybe looking for the good fairies and hopefully not catching a pong of the bad ones!

Who knows?

Here's a sample of the front page of the book which I hope again can help the young reader use their imagination.

It's in a rather large format which try as I might I can't seem to get the size down!

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You'll find lots more pictures and information about my life within the beautiful New Forest National Park.

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