Family Tree Free Info to help you get started

My Family Tree Free Info will give you online resources to help get you started in tracing where your relatives came from and how they lived, loved and died. This info is for you to use in combination with my Tips and Forum info.

If you find you just want to pick out the relevant family tree free info from here, to start following your relatives and their histories on your genealogy quest without using these additional resources, that's fine. It's a stand alone page too to start you off.

Many of my listings let you share info with others, which we've found helpful in our ancestry search. We found at one stage we were going in the wrong direction! There are lots of people out there who are more than willing to help and all for no expense too.

Family Tree free Info - what's available to help me in my search?


  • Census and Parish Register indexes for birth, marriage and death info for England and Wales
  • Run by volunteers 
  • Records started in 1837 and nearly 300 million so far completed
  • Click on "search" and fill in family details


  • Use this to continue your search after Freebmd (above)
  • Covers pre-census info (i.e.before 1837) parish kept records recorded by churches.
  • Records for weddings, baptisms and burials
  • Go back as far as around 1500


  • Covers 6 counties in England and also covers Scotland
  • Offers a free guide to and history of registers and how they work
  • You have to pay for a CD if your area isn't covered in one of the free counties on this web (currently £9.99)


  • Huge genealogy website run by the Mormon Church
  • Free access to photos, databases and genealogy info
  • Believers of this church need to investigate their family genealogy back 5 generations which means the information available to non believers is extensive


  • Use this chat room type family history search tool once you've found out a bit of basic info
  • You will get help and be able to share genealogy info with others (this can be quite important - we went a bit wrong in one of our searches and needed some help)
  • It works by letting you upload your family tree for free and then you can post or ask info from others.


  • Government website covering 1000 yrs
  • Has official documents from cities and towns covering plans and surveys
  • Records of workhouses,medical  histories, courts, police, wars and industry and education
  • Not everything is available digitally yet so check when searching
  • Charge for photocopies
  • Excellent source for fascinating photos


  • Covers the lives and daily lifestyles of the poor in the 1700 and 1800's
  • You'll find meal plans, medical care,work, education and day to day lives of the poor whose only chance of survival was to enter the workhouse
  • Many poignant photos to see
  • Run by volunteers who will happily help you in your search

I hope you find this genealogy info helpful to your search to find your lost relatives and your family history search is fruitful to you.

My Family Tree Free Info will give you free online resources to help get you started. This info is for you to use in combination with my New Forest Family Tree tips and forum info.

I hope you discover, explore and enjoy finding out about your long lost relatives and build your family tree to pass on for future generations. We had great fun finding ours out even the ones who went to prison or were often drunk or worse! If you have any feedback which might be helpful for me to put on my family tree free info please Contact Me and I'll add it.

Did anyone in your family use a WW2 gas mask for a baby in the family? Amazing to think what your relatives may have had to do just to go outside the house every day isn't it?

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