New Forest Foals 2016

The New Forest foals for 2016 are adorable - no surprise there then!

I'm posting this years beautiful little foals for you to enjoy with very little wording! I think they speak for themselves.

I've had great fun going round and about photographing them too. Please enjoy but, like all of my website, they're shown under my copyright rules so please don't copy them without my written permission. Many thanks.  

This little foal is 3rd generation of this lovely New Forest pony. It seems whichever stallion is the father, and whatever colour he is, the dun colour is stronger. Each one arrives looking just like Mum!

As you travel around the New Forest you will see some areas have little herds of Shetland ponies out grazing. These foals are unbelievably sweet at this age. This little New Forest foal was in a very deep sleep when I took this photo.

This is a beautiful little New Forest foal who sums up the size and colour of the New Forest breed. When you register your foals you have to describe their distinguishing marks, this is often quite difficult as their colour often changes over the following months. At this age the only way they can reach the ground with their mouths is to place their front legs as a V! Long and gangly describes this stage I think?

New Forest Foals 2016 - the Shetlands you may see.

This little group of Shetlands all live in the same area. Each year they have their foals and when you see these tiny little ponies you can't help but smile - so pretty! 

Here's sleeping beauty we saw earlier standing up with mum. A foals life involves running around, having a milk snack and then deep sleep - often in about half an hour. 

This New Forest pony always has a beautiful foal. They are often dark when born but as they grow older, like many greys, their permanent colour starts to come through. Eventually they end up the same colour as mum.

Well, we've had a nice milky snack and a good run round on our new, gangly legs and now we're ready for a nap in the sun!

This little New Forest foal is in the shady glade, investigating a tree. It's very young, probably just a week or so old and everything it sees is very new to it.

I hope you've enjoyed just a few of the beautiful New Forest foals born in 2016. They're a joy to watch especially when trying out the speed their little legs can go! As always, please take care on the roads as this is a dangerous time of year for all these new little foals. If you want to contact me or you have any questions, then I'd love to hear from you!

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