New Forest Fungi 

New Forest fungi is starting to appear - as long as you look in the ancient woodland areas. Although I have stumbled across a fungi that looked like a brain and was the size of a football in a plantation of pine amongst the bracken!

New Forest Fungi 

What surprised me this year, when searching for New Forest fungi, was how different the types of fungi were I was finding, compared to previous years searches.

This might be a good time to let you know new regulations for New Forest fungi which were introduced across the New Forest in September 2016.

You are not allowed to pick any fungi at all or take any away. In previous years you were allowed to pick for your own consumption or forage. I've seen visitors with bags and baskets stuffed full of beautiful mixed fungi and I know in the past fungi has been packed off on the train from Brockenhurst to London hotels.

Like everything, greed has a detrimental affect on an environment and so the ban is very necessary to conserve the ecology of the New Forest fungi - but is not always popular.

The woodland I was walking through to get these photos was mainly covered in rich, brown and crunchy beech leaves. There were various little fungi peeping out everywhere from the forest floor - a wonderful walk!

When I go out searching for photos to take, at different times of the year, I'm always amazed at just how fantastic each experience is.

This year I started my search walking across open heathland and patches of bog (always beware and be aware of boggy areas!).

When I went into the ancient woodland I discovered a deep, meandering gulley cutting through the forest.

Trees had lost their root holding on the edge of the stream as the build up of water had rushed through the woods during harsh wet, winter times.

Crooked trees balanced across the stream and because of the wet environment beautiful fungi grew out from these uprooted limbs - a wonderful sight.

If you head out into the woods I'm sure you'll find some fantastic New Forest 2016 fungi too.

Good luck in your search and enjoy!

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