My New Forest Deer Gallery


My New Forest deer gallery shows you all the photos I've managed to take. They are hard to photograph - especially if you are a very amateur photographer, but I can only improve. I stumble around, hiding behind bushes and then take the shot, usually just as they decide to leg it!

Enjoy my efforts as they can only improve!

We have just visited Bolderwood Deer viewing area. The platform allows a raised view of fields where the wild deer like to congregate.
A cunning plan!... as you approach the platform go off to the path on the left and follow it round in a circle. We did this yesterday and were rewarded by seeing the deer herd much more closely.
As I stood at the fence quite a distance away from the platform there was a strange noise as a small herd struggled through the fencing to get into the fields from the open New Forest woodland. I was delighted to see there was a large white stag leading the herd! Well worth a visit and use the cunning plan and who knows what you'll see.

Have you looked at my Deer info?

My New Forest Deer gallery

The Nikon D3100 and telephoto lens set up is starting to pay dividends for my photos.
Still a long way to go but improvement is happening!

I took this herd near Brockenhurst. There is also a herd of Red Deer in this area but so far I've only managed to see a fleeing backside and I didn't have my camera either.

Well, that's my New Forest deer gallery. It will improve but it a shame that now I can take better pics I'm not finding deer easy to find to take a photo of! Never mind.

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