New Forest cycling routes
I think you'll love.

There are loads of wonderful New Forest cycling routes for me to recommend. They all allow you to experience the forest in all its glory with exhilarating views, quaint villages and a few pubs if you are lucky.

We've just been on a cycling route through this beautiful area using Route Four and have seen this UK National Park up close!  We saw lots of ponies, many like this one with her beautiful little foal by her side. Some were having a long, cool drink from the stream. What a lovely sight!

This New Forest cycling route was very easy indeed, when we got back to the car we drove round to the Blackwater Arboretum, which was fascinating. There are lots of beautiful trees to see and view and the bird life is fantastic too!

Latest news

There is now an additional New Forest cycling route to enjoy. Thanks to a 10 year agreement between the New Forest National Park Authority and the Beaulieu Estate

"Cyclists are now able to ride on the two mile footpath which connects the picturesque village of Beaulieu towards Buckler’s Hard, where ships for Nelson’s navy were built.

The scenic route runs along fields and through wooded areas, but does not include the boardwalked riverside walk for pedestrians which runs adjacent to the cycle route."

I've done this as a riverside walk and it's a lovely way to get to Buckler's Hard. You wont be able to use the boardwalk part but if you can at some stage pop into the lovely bird hide if it's quiet to see the birds amongst the reeds. (Leave your bike somewhere appropriate please!)

New Forest National Park Cycle Maps - at a glance

Before I go waffling on you may just want to look at some maps and routes, decide where you want to go and print them off so here's a few suggestions for you. 

Cycle map for all Forestry Commission routes This map's for the entire area and is great! Just click and then use the + or - bar to zoom in for individual routes.

New Forest Cycling Routes I recommend to get you started!

Here are just a few I can recommend and which I have tried out recently.

The New Forest District Council site has some good maps and trails for you to follow. You'll find an easy to follow map and also a page of directions to print off - all the cycling routes are well sign posted as you ride along the paths.

Brockenhurst to Lyndhurst - near Hollands Wood Campsite
Route One

  • Both off road and on road
  • 6.5 miles (11km)
  • Grade - medium, some hills
  • Start at Hollands Wood Campsite and end at Beechen Lane, Lyndhurst. Pick up the New Forest Tour anywhere on route - you can just load your bike on for no extra charge if it all gets too much!

Why not view the area on WikiMapia

Lyndhurst to East Boldre
Route Two

  • Both off road and on road
  • 8 miles (13km)
  • Grade - medium, some hills
  • Start at Beecham Lane, Lyndhurst - New Forest Tour bus drops you off just before lay by.
  • Finish Hatchet Pond, East Boldre - bus picks you up south of pond on B3054 as bus arrives from Lymington direction

Why not view the area on WikiMapia

Brockenhurst to Rhinefield Tall Trees

Route Three

  • Both off road and on road
  • 8 miles (13km)
  • Grade - easy/medium, some on road sections
  • A beautiful ride with plenty ot see on the way.
  • New Forest Tour stop - Brockenhurst Train Station.

Why not view the area on WikiMapia

Brockenhurst to Rhinefield and New Park (circular) - passes Aldridge Hill Campsite
Route Four

  • Both off road and on road
  • 11 miles (18km)
  • Grade - easy/medium, some on road sections
  • Classed as an easy ride with plenty to see along the way
  • Pick up Tour Bus at Brockenhurst Train Station

I did this ride on Thursday and it really is a lovely track which should hold up really well through all weathers as it is gravel based and mainly flat.

I changed the instructions slightly and joined it at the Blackwater Car park and did my circle that way.

Why not view the area on WikiMapia

You'll need a map!

Here's some really great news - you can now get your very own personalised Ordnance Survey map for any area of the UK you like.

This was kindly given to me recently. It shows the New Forest National Park on 1:50 000 scale and is my own personal copy with my website on.

A wonderful present for anyone!

Before you set off

Get my up to date news, views and photos on what I've discovered, or want to share with you.

I can tell you the best place to see pigs and other New Forest animals.

Please Contact me for any help.

Other cycling routes in the UK

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