New Forest Autumn

New Forest Autumn has arrived! It's taken a while as everything is taking longer this year due to weather change. Some oak trees are still not fully in their golden glory but there are so many beautiful areas for you to discover. I recently drove from the A35 to Bolderwood and the scenery was stunning!. I'm going to share lots of photos with you as I discover lots of beautiful colours, trees in their golden glory and of course the wildlife.

New Forest Autumn woodland colours

This shows the contrast colours of autumn. The golden fern is off set by the dark trunks of the trees. You can see the leaves haven't all turned, giving a lovely backdrop as you walk through these ancient woodlands.

I find this woodland always a little bit magical. You can see through the trees the shimmering birch saplings. On the other side of the road is a stunning hill view across the River Avon at Woodgreen. Well worth a visit.

 The New Forest ponies

It's easy to see the contrast colours of autumn here. Some trees are bare of all leaves, others retain green leaves while some have rich brown and yellow tones for us to enjoy.

The New Forest ponies love to stand in the ancient woodland soaking up any available sun - for as long as it lasts!

I love this photo as it sums up why a visit to the New Forest can offer you a spectacular sight. A combination of sun, a rich beech forest floor, a little foal and turning leaves on the trees.

 Autumn Fungi

During early autumn the New Forest comes alive with spectacular fungi. This beautiful example shows it has had a little nibble out of the left hand fungi and all the gills of the one on the right can be seen.

New Forest autumn woodland scene

This woodland scene taken on 8th October shows that the autumn colours are not yet on the trees. A few branches have turned but the rest are green. The forest floor has some autumnal leaves and the ferns are brown too.

Autumn fungi

This fungi was photographed on 7th October and it shows the beauty of a single fungi on the New Forest floor. You can see it's surrounded by brown autumn bracken and early turned leaves.

The River Avon meandering through the Castle Hill and Woodgreen valley with Breamore House in the background

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