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This Lepto Dorset dog info has been passed on to me by a friend. Any dog living or visiting the New Forest should be inoculated against this as New Forest streams may hold danger for your dog.

I've checked and since we have had our rescued Rottie she has had L4 for the past 2 years.

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Please be aware that I'm passing on this info to you for you to read as a source of information only. I am not suggesting you take any action but am passing it to you for your reference use only. 

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Hi As you might be aware, there have been stories in the media of dogs having adverse reactions to the new Lepto vaccines that cover 4 strains of lepto. Lepto is the yearly vaccine, compared to the vaccine cocktail for Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo being given every three years. Lepto can become Weil's disease in humans, but is of a greater risk to the dog's kidneys and liver. HM Government's Veterinary Medicines Directorate have advised the vet industry this year that adverse reactions to the new L4 is 7 in 10,000 injections, whereas the existing L2 vaccine that covers 2 strains has an adverse reaction rate of less than 1 in 10,000 injections. Whilst 7 in 10,000 might sound like a low rate, if 6 million dogs are vaccinated with the L4 vaccines then that is over 4,000 dogs having a reaction or death. The equivalent for the L2 vaccine would be around 600 dogs having a reaction.

Here's the figures But there is also an issue of not all reactions being reported, and of vets not associating a dog's new illness with the recent Lepto vaccination. There is also an issue of vets detecting a liver or kidney issue, but not identifying that the dog has a Lepto infection. My own dogs both received the Versican Plus L4 vaccine, made by Zoetis. I let them have this is it was not the Nobivac L4 vaccine, and I thought it would be safer. I was unable to groom or touch either for 2 days, and Alfie's breathing changed within 48 hours of the vaccine. Alfie collapsed a week after vaccination, with his heart going from a grade 3 of 5 to 5 of 5 heart murmur and he was put on Vetmedin. Three vets at my surgery were adamant that there was no connection between the vaccine and Alfie's new condition. At the 4 week point Alfie was so ill that I decided to allow him to have the second L4 vaccination - to prove that it either was or was

not the vaccine. He was clear of fluids on the day of vaccination. Within 3 days of the second injection it was visually obvious that his abdomen and lungs were filling with fluids. Despite diuretics, my beloved Alfie drowned in his own fluids. Zoetis paid for the autopsy. This is my beloved Alfie days after the second vaccination. www.youtube.com/watch?v= qg7hL8hsJq0 Alfie is the dog on the Dorsetdog.com logo, and the reason behind Dorsetdog.com being created. On Facebook are two groups dedicated to the Nobivac/Canigen and Veriscan Plus L4 vaccines. There is also a general UK dog vaccination awareness group - www.facebook.com/groups/Dog. Vaccination.Awareness.UK It is clear from comments on Facebook that many reactions to the L4 vaccine are not being recorded. It is also clear that vets are giving DHP vaccines too often despite World Small Animal Veterinary Association guidelines, and giving Lepto when there is no local high risk area. VMD have stressed to consider the need for L4.

What concerns me is not just the extra 2 strains of Lepto, but the excipients (the fluid that the vaccine is sat in) has changed to a whole cocktail in the new L4 vaccines. See attached. Lepto Survey So I have created a survey for owners to record their dog's experience with L2 and L4 vaccines. www.lepto.co.uk/ lepto- survey I then made the website www.Lepto.co.uk to host this Lepto survey and supporting information And there is a Facebook page to help raise awareness of the survey - www.facebook.com/Lepto.L4.L2. UK.survey.of.dog.vaccine. reactions/ I would ask you to consider completing this survey yourself, and share the survey amongst all your contacts. Also attached is a poster for display at your place of work,village hall, event, etc. The availability of L2 vaccines I am aware that some vets are refusing to stock the L4, and some are still buying in L2 vaccines. I have created a table of vets who still have L2 available to patients, and if your surgery still offers L2 then please email me at info@dorsetdog.com The table of vets offering L2 is at www.lepto.co.uk/vets-using- l2- vaccine So I again ask that you share my images and poster,to help raise awareness of this survey. I would welcome your comments and feedback Many thanks
Mark Ellis

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Survey of Lepto vaccines You might have heard about the dogs who are having adverse reactions, having life changing illnesses, and even dying after their yearly L. shots. Please complete our survey of Lepto vaccines that your dog has received. Visit
www . Lepto . co . uk

I hope you find this interesting. What am I going to do? I'll discuss it with my vet in the next few weeks as our jabs are soon due and make a decision based on his feedback. 

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