New Forest foals

New Forest foals are all around the New Forest National Park. It's that time of year.

I love to discover them all over the New Forest. It's such fun to watch as they learn to run around, get their little legs working and build up new found speed. This page shows you just some of these lovely little New Forest foals as they get up to their often really entertaining antics! 

New Forest foals 

This little filly foal was enjoying the sun at Woodgreen. Her mother was close at hand to keep and eye on her.

This little New Forest foal was sheltering from the heat - yes heat - in May. We'd watched her run round and round experiencing the speed of her own legs for the first time. A joy to watch. She is a curious little thing and was enjoying a nibble at this old tree branch in the shade, until her next bout of energy.

This New Forest foal gave us a wonderful display of her long, fragile legs. She ran round and round then got a telling off from mum for going out of sight. Mum had to go and get her and move her on to a (hopefully) safer area.

It's fascinating to see their pattern of behaviour. It goes - run around like mad, getting up a speed; back to mum for a good feed - then sleep. Like young humans the sleep is never too long before the thrill of using the new found legs takes over and it all starts again.

This is a good example of how erratic and focused on running they become. This is a joy to watch as long as they are nowhere near a road or dangerous ground. Their little legs are strong but vulnerable. Please take care if you see any near the road, they may whizz out in front of your car.

There are many Shetland ponies out on the New Forest National Park. They are short, chunky little ponies ideally suited to the harsh conditions. They aren't New Forest ponies but they are very watchable!

This little foal in the New Forest was going round and round its mum as fast as its little legs could go. She looked on with care to make sure all cornering was successful!

This little Shetland foal eventually slowed down and returned to mum. Instead of suckling or munching grass he decided to eat some fresh New Forest poo. Strange and hopefully not harmful.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing and discovering with me this years New Forest foals. They are a joy to see. Just a note of warning. Please be very careful

  • Mothers will be protective so don't touch - just enjoy from a distance
  • Never, ever feed them or any other animal - you may cause a painful death through colic. I've had to rescue New Forest ponies and foals in the past who have eaten the wrong food.
  • Take care on the roads they may come straight out infront of your car - or bike!
  • Enjoy the New Forest National Park in all its beauty and watch out for the boggy bits too!

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