New Forest snow December 2010
At a glance weather pictures

New Forest snow December 2010 will show you just how extreme the weather has been in the New Forest in this particular winter. I want to share my "At a glance weather pictures" with you.

New Forest Pony in the gorse

Pony eating and sheltering in gorse

New Forest Thatched cottage

Thatched cottage in snow 2010

New Forest snow Pony 2010

A pony looks for food

New Forest snow covered gorse

Snow covered gorse
This is what the ponies and other animals have to eat!

New Forest snows with clear blue sky

A blue sky December 2010

New Forest pony gingerly eating gorse

A pony eats the gorse!

New Forest snow covered trees

 The snow shows the trees up beautifully

New Forest Pony - our friend Pepsi

New Forest pony - one of my favourites!

New Forest snow man

 A Snowman December 2010 - the carrot nose was eaten!

Amazingly enough, all these photos were taken within 1-2 hours and yet while I was out the sky was grey, then brilliant blue. The landscape was often totally snow laden then trees looked quite free of snow on many branches - such contrasts within this New Forest UK National Park!

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