Sunny's Scary Fairy Tale

Welcome to my Scary Fairy Tale from the New Forest.
About a little foal and bad fairies, good fairies and kindness
And some 
pongy bad fairies too!

Are you asking - will I be scared? Will the little foal be Ok?

Read my ebook to find out more;-)

Here is a brief outline of the story. 

A little foal discovers, through his mum, that there are bad fairies living in the New Forest. He'll know they're bad because they smell, wear poisonous fungi dresses and fly around in a smelly grey fug! Ugh - don't they sound revolting?

However, before you rush off and hide under your duvet - there are also more powerful, good fairies out there to look after the little foal and all the other New Forest animals.

It's a tale of how being kind in life, should always win over evil bad people or events. In the New Forest if you're a little foal - you just have to understand how to be able to do this.

You may be on the edge of your seat (or peeking out from your duvet too) at times, but you'll also be feeling a warm glow of kind and golden light at other times, as you read your way through my book.

If you think this is a scary fairy tale about a little foal and his adventures with his friends that you might like to read then please just touch the Buy Now button.

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I hope you and your children enjoy my book as much as I loved writing it. Please use the button below to find out just how scary the little New Forest foal's life could be if the smelly, evil fairies get control of the beautiful forest.

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You'll find lots of lovely, unique photos, taken by me when I'm out and about on the New Forest and when this little foal was born. Also you'll see the little foals' chums and other parts of the forest as you read further into the story. 

It's quite a long tale and so you need to give yourself time to read it or get an adult to help you through it too. There's a glossary (where words you might not have heard before)are explained.

Some words I've made up like Fungeys etc so you can imagine how they pong!!  

If you need to Contact me then please feel free to drop me a message. 

I hope you enjoy my Scary Fairy Tale - I loved writing it and putting all the photos together too.

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