Here is a comment on a recent visit to The Black Cat Tearooms in Burley.
If you have visited you may want to respond to this review.
I haven't visited yet so can't comment yet
Black Cat Tearooms. It has changed hands. It was lovely and quiant.
No longer your typical New Forest traditional cafe.
People in charge seemed to lack experience.
The layout was appalling. Two black plastic and chrome tables oblong in design, with small chairs. For some reason they have created a mini bar with stools for people to sit at. Very cramped floor space with a table stuck in the middle selling produce. When you walk in you are more or less on the table. There is a long counter with other food for sale. Seems it is like a shop selling drinks as well. The place is too small for such a layout. Looks more like a costa coffee shop rather than a country cafe. The previous owner got it spot on but she has retired. It was great going in there with its country atmosphere and being able to order tea with toasted teacake. All that has gone. Now it is clinical and unfriendly. The cafe would look better without the centre produce table. There could be 4 tables with 2/3 chairs each rather than the badly spaced out cramped conditions they have created. There were 3 ladies sat at 2 tables and the waitress had to pull out one of the tables and offered one chair and a stool to sit at it. There is no atmosphere. Wouldn't recommend. Dreadful.

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