by james

Is there anywhere I can hire rods for the day? thanks

Hi James

Thanks for your question. It's a bit of a hard one to answer as it depends on what sort of fishing you are hoping to do.
The disciplines of angling mean you will need a different rod and reel for catching different types of fish. e.g. sea fishing versus trout vs coarse etc.

I've just had a great chat with Loni's at New Milton - who really know their fishing. They explained to me why it wouldn't be easy for you to find anywhere to hire rods - but they also told me that their basic rod + reel kit starts at £17.99 so not a huge outlay for you perhaps? It really does depend on what you hope to do on your day of angling.

I think you should have a word with Loni's on 01425 616323 and they can help you decide whether you want to try sea fishing, beach fishing, lake, coarse etc. They'll certainly help you find the best choice for what you're looking for.
Their website gives you local insights into places to fish and what you can expect to catch - if you're lucky - which is an anglers challenge every time you go out isn't it???

Hope this helps and happy angling!

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