Going Green and Appreciating Nature in the New Forest

Going green and appreciating nature in the New Forest isn't hard to do. Whether you're visiting or are lucky enough to live here, looking after our environment is crucial to sustaining the New Forest as it exists today and for the future.

What can be done to go green and appreciate nature in the New Forest

  • Use public transport whenever possible: the New Forest Tour is a great way to help us go green and see the New Forest in all its beauty from the open top bus! Info: 1 bus can carry the same number of people as 56 cars using 6% of the road space - quite an impact I think.(Info courtesy of NFDC Green Transport Plan).
  • Hire a bike, use the 100 miles of off road cycle tracks and really get up close to all our wonderful wildlife.
  • Shop and eat our wonderful food when visiting - there are many wonderful farm shops, cafes and restaurants who will have lots of lovely local produce for you to try and enjoy.
  • Enjoy our walking routes and go off into the wild - you'll be amazed at what you will discover if you off the beaten track.
  • Please never, ever feed any of the animals you see. They will become ill or possibly die or venture out into the roads if you stop roadside and feed them!
  • Please always take your litter home - you won't see litter bins all over the New Forest as the New Forest ponies love to get their heads in a litter bin if they can - again a danger to their health.
  • Many of our businesses are using green practices whether it is transport for staff, recycling, low energy light sources, tree planting - especially on the Beaulieu Estate.

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