Local travel in the New Forest area.

We are planning to spend a few days in the New Forest, bring our dog, our cat but not our car. Are there pet friendly taxi operators in the New a forest area please?
Looking forward to your advice.
Thanks and kind regards.
Benjamin Fong

Hello Benjamin
I've asked a couple of taxi companies in the New Forest and both have said "No" so far. I've put the question out on my Twitter accounts and hopefully someone will respond positively for you. I'll update here when I get an answer.
Kind regards

Hello Benjamin
I've found a New Forest taxi company who is willing to take both your dog and cat in their taxi company - I rang around many companies but met all with a no except for
James at www.new-forest-taxis-co.uk tel 01425 600 222
I'll leave you to speak to James directly from now on.
I hope you all (+dog and cat!) enjoy your visit to the New Forest
Kind regards

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