Mr & Mrs Lawrence

by Julia
( Sussex )

We would love to move to the New forest, it's been our 'go to' for many breaks away over the years. We are already in Sussex but the forest just feels like home.
We own our property but moving will most likely mean another mortgage as property is generally more expensive in or around the forest. The problem we have is my husband would need to leave his job as a t. Driver and find a t. Driver position with a train company within easy reach of the Forest. We do need his income to be able to move. So.... Where do we start? Ideally he'd need to find the job 1st as driving over an hr and 30 mins to work daily is not feasible especially as his job is reliant on him being on time to work to drive trains.
The other thing we have to consider is our youngest son travelling to Portsmouth to his job which he studied hard to get.
We would love to connect with other people who've been able to make their dream come true.

Best wishes

Good luck Julia and hubby. Hopefully a reader may be able to offer you some advice. This is a very unusual time to try to move house as the market is extreme. Maybe leave it until 2022 until the house market settles to more reasonable sales? just a thought but hope your move is successful whenever you decide to go. Kind regards Christina

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