I love going out in the New Forest with my new husband and looking at the New Forest ponies and donkeys. What does make me angry and upsets me is the speed that some drivers do.
They just do not seem to care or think that just around the corner could be a pony or donkey.
They do far more than the speed limit. Why would anyone want to rush? If you want to speed, do it on the motorway and leave the New Forest to the animals!

I think we all totally agree with you. The real sadness for me is that the majority of accidents are caused by locals! - usually cutting across the New Forest to work. I heard from an Agister that he had passed two little donkeys on a road who were quite visible if you were doing the speed limit. Within a short time he was called back to destroy them. At the moment there are large yellow signs out in many areas of the New Forest showing a horse running and saying "wild animals on the road" - hopefully this may work.
I always "flash my lights" if there are animals in the road to warn oncoming traffic there is danger ahead.

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