My son fell in a bog on our walk

by Christina
(New Forest)


Incase you missed it in my "Bog blog" I thought I'd just repeat this hilarious tale but also give you a small warning about some areas of the New Forest.

A couple of months ago we set off for a family walk across the New Forest. My son had friends staying and we were having great time splashing in and out of streams with dog and taking in the lovely surroundings. It was a dry sunny day and as we were walking along the edge of a beautiful stream I could see that there was some bog grass or possibly a "mire" ahead.

Chatting away merrily to my sons friend Micheal, my six foot two inch son suddenly disappeared before our eyes!

He had stepped into a deep bog and was flailing about up to his waist in brown, rotted forest goo!

It was truly amazing - and as a kind sensible mother (he is 28yrs old after all!) Micheal and I fell about laughing! yes, a bit cruel but actually we couldn't believe that one minute he was infront of us and the next at least 3 feet below us!

He scrambled out, luckily, and then we saw how filthy he was but more importantly - did he stink.

Some of the vegetation smelled like it came from when dinosaurs were roaming the New Forest! He was so bad he had to travel back home in the back of the car with the dog! - poor old dog!

It was funny but also a warning - the New Forest does have dangerous areas so please take care. It is wild and untamed sometimes so always please be aware.

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