new forest drifts

Is it possible to help commoners with the drifts? Either as a gatherer helping direct and corra or riding to help drive of an experienced rider?

The Drift is restricted to Commoners. If you wanted to find out whether it would be possible to direct, ride or help drive I suggest you give the New Forest Commoners Defence Association an email on
The Verderers of the New Forest also have posted this advice
"In recent years, more and more members of the general public have been attending the drifts but unfortunately, the ever increasing number of spectators is causing disruption and is interfering with the management of the drifts. If the number of spectators continues to increase, the drifts may well be in jeopardy. The official pony drifts are an essential part of the management of the semi-feral herd and their loss would seriously compromise the health and welfare of the ponies on the Forest.

The drifts are not a spectator sport and unfortunately for the reasons stated above, the Verderers now have no option but to strongly discourage the public from attending. Your co-operation in staying away from the drifts will be greatly appreciated."
Hope this helps?

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