New forest ponies

by Libby

Hello, I'm keen to see foals and bring my daughter - just not sure when foals are due this coming spring? Not sure if you know when the stallions were out in 2011? Thanks for any info you can share.

Hi Libby
The stallions were put out on 14th May 2011 to 11th June 2011. Here are the details
I haven't yet heard definite dates yet for next year. I will be posting on my website when the firest foals appear. Depending on the date they are serviced they may foal Apr/May time. Some foals come early and depending on the weather have a good start or a dangerous time. Wet and cold weather can cause some to get pneumonia etc.
If you keep an eye on my website I'll be posting when the stallions are out and also when I spot the first foals born.
Thank you for getting in touch on

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