Overtaken by cars on way to work

I drive at the speed limit and sometimes less when it is dark or bad weather, when going to work and back home through the Forest.

However, most days I am tailgated and then overtaken by cars at some speed. Their aggressive impatience and total disregard for the potential hazards and the clearly identified speed limit shown on the roads is unbelievable and makes for a most unpleasant commute.

It can make it very difficult to safely stick to the speed limit and then slow down when reaching villages like Beaulieu when you are intimidated by these other drivers.

I'd like to reply:
I totally agree with your comments. The level of inconsiderate and often dangerous driving is increasing daily it seems.

Efforts are being made and some are having good results. Police speed checks have been very successful and many have been prosecuted. Good news here is that funding has been found to continue these speed checks for the next 3 or 4 years.

If you follow Facebook this is a campaign that is going on strongly at the moment.


My Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/newforestlife/

The Verderers of The New Forest are also working closely with various organisations to make road safety changes.
If you're on Twitter I publish updates on campaigns and updates on my accounts

@NewForestpiglet and @NewForestLife1

Please feel free to follow for updates, and thank you for highlighting this awful, ongoing problem.
Kind regards

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