Pitching up a privately hired Marquee tent in the Newforest

by Linda Belle
(West Sussex)


I am due to get married at Southampton Registry Office on 15th August 2015.

My partner and I often visit 'The Newforest' and absolutely love it there! We were thinking about hiring a Marquee tent measuring roughly 10m X 5m from a private company for our wedding reception for no more than 40 guests and were wondering if it is possible, or if people are allowed to pitch up a Marquee tent and a few tables and chairs hosting a small bbq and hog roast in the grounds of the Newforest?

If this is a possibility are there any specific areas that this has to be done in and are there any fees that we will need to pay or permission we would need to seek in order to do this?

I look forward to hearing your response.

Kind regards

Miss Linda Belle

Dear Miss Belle
Firstly congratulations on your future wedding. I wish you a healthy and happy life together.
Re your wedding reception. As far as I know a marquee would not be allowed on open forest.
One way around making use of acceptable/available facilities is to possibly consider using the "group" BBQ facilities available at


You would need to contact the Forestry Commission for more details.
An alternative would be to contact a B&B who may be willing to let you have the reception in their garden. You'd need to trawl around the B&B's and again contact individual owners. Here's a link to B&B's

One other idea is to contact a campsite - some now allow yurt/bell tents and may be willing to allow your marquee on their site.

The New Forest is a living/working forest with huge environmental wealth. With free roaming wildlife and animals and a constant danger of forest fires during summer months restrictions are vital. I hope this info is helpful and the practicalities of putting your plans in practice are not too disappointing to you both.
Have a wonderful day whatever you decide.
Kind regards

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