Pony Branding Irons

About 40 years ago many of the branding irons used on the forest ponys were on display in a pub in the forest. My recollection is that the pub stood on it's own, that it was known then as The Green Dragon, and that it served an nice, interesting, if not very authentic curry.
I asked at the TI in Lyndhurst last month and they knew nothing about it, to be fair the oldest person there would not have been old enough to drink at the time I'm thinking of.
Roger G

What a great question! I've had a ring around and found that The Green Dragon pub at Brook doesn't have the actual branding irons on display but does have the signs on display which you might see branded onto the New Forest ponies. The Verderers of the New Forest authourize the branding and then it is up to the Commoner owners to get their own brand iron made. They can then either get the Agisters to brand the animals on The Drift or get their farrier to do it, or do it themselves.
Not sure what a more recent than 40 years ago curry is like here though!

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