REF: WW2 SOE use of the Beaulieu estate.

REF: WW2 SOE use of the Beaulieu estate.

My mother was in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) during WW2, and I am researching her career. Our family estate is in Devon, but I know that she knew the Beaulieu area very well, but not WHY - and she visited quite often. I know that in 1945 she was asked for, and immediately promoted, by Lt Col Lewis Gielgud, Intelligence Corps, who had previously been in the SOE France Section under Maurice Buckmaster. In spite of our estate being run down after WW2, and her Father's death in 1947, she also remained in FANY until 1948.

My mother died in June, and having seen her FANY records, as well as knowing her abilities, I have a hunch that she was involved in more than she revealed.

I am hoping that you might know of someone who has knowledge of those times, so that I can learn more.
"Thank You!"
Tim Wilmot

Hi Tim
Thank you for your fascinating enquiry regarding your late mum and her WW2 experiences.
I will leave it for other readers to add any information they may have regarding the SOE at Beaulieu - hopefully someone will post on here to say they knew your mum.
In the meantime Tim, if you Contact Me with an email address I will reply by email with details of someone I hope will be able to help you from the Beaulieu office.
Many thanks and good luck

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