Sea Trout

Sea trout in the new forest??

Are you asking if there are New Forest sea trout?
If so here is some helpful info I've found from a great website on the New Forest called

Here's the link to the page
Here's the info if the links don't work
"Twenty species of fish are present in the New Forest streams, ranging from primitive brook lampreys, to eels and even pike, but it is brown trout that most catch the imagination. Many are present all year round, but these are joined in late autumn and early winter by the migratory form of the species, the sea trout, returned from the oceans to breed.

Indeed, there’s no stranger sight than one of these sea-going monsters struggling along the shallow upper reaches of a New Forest Stream, searching for gravel beds with good water flows in which to lay its eggs.

Streamside lawns have formed where, in times of flood, water overflows the banks and deposited minerals that enrich the often poor New Forest soils sufficiently to sustain strong growths of grass."

Hope this helps

Christina -

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