Spotted a pure white deer around black water creek

by Mike

Hello everyone, my wife and Hi, while out walking, came across a pure white deer in the Forest, at Blackwater Creek, least I think thats what its called there.

Is this a normal sight, or is it guite a rare one? It just stepped out and walked across the pathway.

It was quite a big deer, and it was a magical moment.
New Forest deer at Bolderwood

What a great experience! there are white deer within the New Forest UK National Park. They are usually Fallow deer which can range from nearly black to pure white. Check out my blog page - you will see a picture I took at Bolderwood which shows the variation. All the best and hope you continue to enjoy visits to the New Forest - Christina -

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Feb 25, 2022
White deer NEW
by: Anonymous

Saw white deer today burley with stag and two fawns incredible and beautiful

Nov 08, 2021
Just saw a white deer
by: Diana

Today , November 8. Just saw one up towards Burley golf course . Beautiful. On its own .

It's a great experience to see them isn't it? Glad you enjoyed it.

Jun 30, 2021
White deer video
by: Howard

I have just taken a video on my phone of a single white deer within a herd of approximately 15.
Never seen one before and feel quite privileged to have seen it. A beautiful sight.

Well done Howard. They are stunning aren't they? Kind regards Christina

May 20, 2021
Spotted white deer
by: Emma

Photographed a young white fallow deer last week, Blackwater area with large herd

May 18, 2021
White fallow deer
by: Emmz

Saw a white fallow deer yesterday at Eye worth pond/Fritham way. With a massive herd. Amazing. Too far forcamera sadly

Feb 05, 2021
3 White deer
by: Anonymous

Just spotted 3 white deer amongst a herd, also near Blackwater reserve. Sadly only have a dodgy phone camera so couldn't capture it.

Jan 04, 2021
White male deer
by: Darren Lowe

Hi I spotted and took a picture (mobile) so not great of a white male deer today 4/1/21. Can I send it to anyone who would benefit from my findings or is it common??

Thanks for letting us know you spotted a white fallow deer today. They do seem to be getting much more common to see and virtually every herd I see has at least one usually pure white or slightly paler deer in. I always feel so sorry for them as they stick out from a long distance away! (just to let you know I don't publish email or phone numbers on my website so I've deleted yours. If you want to contact me then please feel free to use the contact link on every page).

Dec 30, 2020
White Deer
by: Mrs Hunt

Spotted a beautiful white deer in the new forest today. Stood watching us for a few seconds then disappeared. Wish I could have taken a photo but happened too quickly.

Dec 18, 2020
White deer
by: Anonymous

Just spotted a pure white deer when passing through on train spectacular site

Jul 17, 2011
Just seen black deer in new forest
by: Anonymous

I have just spotted black deer adult and baby! On the edge of the New Forest!!
I have researched and heard they are rare!
Was shocked didn't realise black deer existed!!!!

Did you take a photo? it would be lovely if we could all see it too? The New Forest deer, whether fallow or roe deer can really vary an awful lot - from pure white to black.
I hope you enjoyed your visit to this wonderful environment. The photo on my New Forest blog page shows some of the nearly white fallow deer.

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