STOLEN Ralph Lauren black shoulder bag and keyset (keys + 2 fobs + car fob + Stanley keyring)

Our car window was smashed in Deadman Hill car park in New Forest on Sunday 4 November 2018 around 11am. A ladies shoulder bag was stolen with 1 large set of keys, 2 pairs of glasses, 1 sunglasses, make up and purse and 2 iphones.

Incredibly, we retrieved the 2 phones and wallet with cards (using find my iphone) to a stash in the scrub on the corner of Forest Road and Roger Penny Way. We couldn't find any trace of the keys, glasses or the handbag though.

The set of keys would be particularly useful to get back. They contain 2 electronic office door fobs, 1 ford fiesta car fob, 1 bike lock key, 1 black Stanley keyring, 1 office key, 2 house keys.

We reported to the police who had suggested they would likely have been discarded somewhere around the area.

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