A few years back, on a New Forest walk, we came across a most spectacular sight of masses of sundew. We walked down a hill along a gravel path towards a large valley of very wet, boggy marshland where it was growing. There was an abundance of it in the mire, and it was growing all along the sides of the path.
We would love to visit this place again, but can't remember where it was or what it was called. We have tried to find it since but with no luck. Would you happen to know where this might be ? It wasn't just a small bog, it was a huge area, more like a large lake.

So pleased you were able to enjoy some sundew - they are spectacular.
They are all over the New Forest and if you choose to go to any areas of open heathland you should see them. Bogs and mires turn up in many sometimes strange places. You may walk on a hilly heathland and come upon an area of the hill/slope which will have an area of bog.
Where they turn up is also dependent on the winter weather and how the water levels laying have built up. Hence areas which at times are flooded with water, dry out and then are hard to find again.
The places to avoid are the woodlands as sundew (as their name suggests) prefer sunny spots which are wet.
The north of the forest entrance from J1 M27 (start of A31) at Cadnam to Fordingbridge has some nice valleys which means the valley bed will have either a stream or mire in it.
A walk (in wellies?) should produce some nice sightings.
An added bonus will be you'll also hear a Cuckoo too!
Kind regards

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