The New Forest

by Ray Pidgley
(Lincolnshire, PE23 5AT )

Do the 'Gipsies' who lived in 'The Bottom' at Millersford, Woodgreen, still have any rights to the land that they lived on.

Hi Raymond. Firstly may I wish you a very happy 80th birthday on 12th May. I hope your reunion at Millersford with your brother and other relatives really goes well too.
Re land rights at Millersford. I don't know the answer but would suggest 2 ways to explore.
The Land Registry at will give you current ownership of land around "The Bottom" but there may be a fee involved. Make sure you use this government site or you may be charged more than you need to pay.
Because the land was left during wartime you'd need to do a search from those years onwards as it may turn out to be a complicated matter. I suggest you contact The New Forest Centre and The Christopher Tower New Forest Reference Library as they have archive material which relates to the gypsies who lived in the New Forest and their history. I do hope these 2 suggestions can help you in your family quest.
Christina - New Forest Life

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