Volunteer Road Patrol to Bring Down Speed & Campaign for 30mph on New Forest Roads?

by Una Gillespie
(Ringwood, Hampshire, UK)

Last night, 7th June 2016, whilst driving back from Lymington to Ringwood and on the stretch of road approaching Burley I saw what appeared to be a pony lying flat on the grass verge with a small herd very close. Concerned, I turned around and went back to check that the pony was ok and was devastated to see that it was quite dead with blood stains along the road. (I was informed on ringing the Verderer's office first thing this morning that the Police had moved it to that position a little before the time I passed as it had been left in the middle of the road).

On looking at this website and reading the caring comments of Commoners and others, I am wondering if we could arrange some kind of volunteer road patrols ? I am guessing that many people have tried various ideas to stop speeding and I realise that it would be dangerous for people to stand around taking number plates in high viz tabards! but perhaps it would be allowed for volunteers to drive along forest roads just below the speed limit with large and highly visible banners secured round their cars in an effort to warn speeders to slow down ?

I am willing to organise such a venture and we could have a target of ZERO deaths!

Please could I have your thoughts and comments.

Thank you so much


What a horrible experience for you Una.

Lots of work has been going on over the last couple of years and road deaths have decreased.

However I agree with you that more can be discussed for the future.

There are initiatives going on especially regarding speeding motorists and I think it would be a good idea for you to start your endeavour by contacting the New Forest Commoners Defence Association
this is their link


As far as I know the NFCDA prosecute drivers who have killed or injured a Commoners pony or other animal.

Once you've had a chat with them, I'd be more than happy to publicise any info you have which may help to reduce the road accidents for the future.

All the best Christina

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Jun 12, 2016
Volunteer Road Patrols & 30mph Speed Control
by: Una

Hello Alan

Thank you so much for your comments and for reading my contribution.

I am hoping to get a petition going for the 30mph speed on the forest roads at the New Forest Show....and help with my road patrol mission....fingers crossed.

Kind regards


Jun 12, 2016
Agree with comments re full time speed cameras
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments Alan. Totally agree full time speed cameras needed.

Jun 12, 2016
Speed limit
by: Alan Forder

Will reducing the speed limit make any difference as driving through the forest at 40mph people still overtake you as if you aren't moving., there were 9600 motorists I believe caught last year for speeding and still it doesn't make any difference. I regularly get flashed by oncoming traffic to warn me about the speed trap van ahead, This is something I will never do as I think if you are speeding then you deserve to be caught. I do feel that on the main routes through the forest like the Cadnam to Fordingbridge road there should be average speed cameras like they have on motorways. These cameras may be expensive but must work out over time cheaper than employing a police officer in a van and certainly worth the cost if they save the life of a foal.

Thanks Alan - totally agree with your comments. Full time speed controls needed.

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