New Forest Hotel Review
Hotel TerraVina at Woodlands.

My New Forest hotel review for Hotel TerraVina at Woodlands will hopefully convey to you the amount of dedication and thought given to this lovely hotel by the owners.

This is a contemporary, stylish and extremely chic boutique hotel which I think it would be very hard to beat within the New Forest.

Update 2021: this hotel is under new ownership as Spot in the Woods. I haven't yet visited but the internal layout looks similar to my review and there are good reviews online.

My New Forest Hotel Review for Hotel TerraVina

New Forest Hotel TerraVina entrance

Luxury and exquisite design is the name of the game here.
The huge door reflects the level of warmth and sparkle you will see inside. Everything is spotlessly clean and everywhere is warm and welcoming.

Push the door open and you are met by a stunning spiral staircase.
Don't worry there are easily accessible bedrooms on the ground floor for those who may prefer.

A New Forest hotel review suddenly became a really enjoyable experience at the Hotel TerraVina. I noticed the first of just one of many thoughtful and personal touches - tucked neatly to one side of the front door was a row of wellies all pegged together.

You can be 2 or 6'2" and there will be a welly for you. This is the New Forest and you will encounter mud - it's a part of life - but what fun you can have later, in the deep, deep bath in your room!

You can't help but notice the vast array of top awards displayed along the walls. I was starting to understand why they were awarded and I hadn't seen any rooms yet! The Hotel TerraVina is a real gem in the heart of the beautiful New Forest.

New Forest Hotel TerraVina Dining Area

In one corner of the reception area was a small display of the world famous TerraVina dogs and other lovely items for sale.

The story of the dogs is a fascinating one. When the hotel was first opened a large leather dog door-stop became part of the branding of the hotel.

The TerraVina dog became so popular that it was decided that as well as having your TerraVina dog with you in your room during your stay - you can put your own message on it - you would also be able to buy one to take back home with you.

They have travelled to California, Hong Kong, Australia and many other countries too.

The boutique style continues through to the bar and seating area. Fabrics and colours are stunning. Everywhere you look thought and effort and exteme high standards can be seen.

Every glass I saw sparkled, every surface was gleaming.

When I turned to look at the dining area I really was stunned - a central barquet seating arrangement looks totally welcoming mixing colours and styles perfectly.

New Forest Hotel TerraVina Terrace

At the end of the room I could see just one of the 3 wine cellars. This gives a lovely feel of ambience to the whole eating experience. The lighting in this cellar was beautiful and reflected softly into the whole room.

This is a wonderful place to enjoy a superb glass of wine (or more) in the New Forest.

The Outdoor Space

Keeping to an American theme, in fine weather there is a welcoming terrace to eat on overlooking the beautiful lawns. This reminded me of all those wonderful Californian holidays we had enjoyed over the years.

There is an outdoor pool and even the poolside furniture shows the high level of thought which has gone into the design of this beautiful hotel.

New Forest Hotel Review TerraVina where perfection is the buzzword

New Forest Hotel review for Hotel TerraVina - the bedrooms

New Forest Hotel TerraVina Red Room

The rooms are gorgeous. Colour schemes are really up to the minute, and it is obvious that someone with fantastic design skills has put each individual room together.

Usually when we have been away, wherever in the world, you can find at least one thing which is not totally right.

Many rooms offer you your own private terrace with relaxing sunbeds and tables and chairs to enjoy a chilled glass of wine.

The forest is not far away. Birds were hopping happily from tree to tree and the view of surrounding paddocks just confirmed the peaceful setting.

New Forest Hotel TerraVina Bathroom

All the baths are deep and like this one may be at the bottom of your bed - you're not overlooked from your own terrace and so a candlelit bath with relaxing oils would be wonderful!

Every shower has a massive head and so you will never be short of water here - how many times do you go to a hotel and the shower is a work of art? Or the water pressure lets it all down.

I believe if you haven't equalled or beaten the facilities you have in your own home then a hotel stay has let you down.

Not here - it is just pure luxury all round.

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