Electric Bike Rides in the New Forest with
Likie Bikie

Electric bike rides can now be enjoyed around the New Forest and Salisbury area - they're fully escorted and great fun!

2022 route update - the routes are getting bigger!

A new route will take you around Stonehenge - this is a truly fantastic opportunity to really get the feel of Stonehenge as a sacred monument and the surrounding countryside you explore will certainly give you a feel for the spiritual history. I'm going to book as soon as possible!

A level ride from Ringwood to Wimbourne - again wonderful scenery cycling between two wonderful towns across a level landscape.

Good news for lady cyclists - new "lady friendly" bikes for 2022 for the shorter ladies among us! It just gets better and better.

Electric bike rides with Likie Bikie - my review

Today I was lucky enough to head off on an escorted electric bike ride for 2 hours for my Likie Bikie experience. I chose the 2 Hour Explorer Ride. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We travelled easily along quiet lanes past beautiful thatched cottages, slipped into tranquil forest glades where deer were the only other living creatures we saw, and travelled along beautiful New Forest heathland and woodland. 

Then we finished at the pub!

What could be better?

The electric bikes are easy to manoeuvre (if I can do it so can you;-) and made the whole trip a really great experience.

The Electric Bikes and David

  • The bikes are fully electric and in your control at all times as you peddle
  • 7 gear options allow you to easily control the speed and gradients
  • A throttle allows you extra oomph ( that's for the petrol heads ha ha)
  • You can control the amount of electric power you use by a 3 way thingy (getting technical)
  • You can see on a digital display which mode you're in and so control how much battery you want to use
  • The saddles are very comfortable (the front shocks help too)
  • The tyres are massive and so you can cover virtually all terrain
  • David is great! Likie Bikie is fully insured and David is a qualified British Cycling Bike Leader 
  • David gives help and info throughout: How to get the best out of your bike using your peddling skills and electric power, or local facts of interest - including when there's mud ahead!  

As you can see from the photos the electric bikes are great (and so are the fat tyres)! The 2 hour Explorer Ride wasn't a challenge for the bikes, even on some of the hills.

The views were great as you can see from the Castle Hill vista across the Avon Valley.

Am I happy to recommend Likie Bikie? Absolutely!

Whether you choose the 2 hour Explorer, the 4 Hour Salisbury Loop Ride or the 4 hour Forest Ride I think you'll love it.

All these escorted rides include hire of the electric bike plus helmet.

And a pub stop? - doesn't get much better than that! (You buy your own drinks)

Electric Bike Rides - why do I recommend Likie Bikie?

I tried the 2 hour Explorer Ride and really enjoyed the experience. I think you'll enjoy the 4 hour Salisbury Loop Ride which takes you on paths and routes you will never discover normally and the 4 hour New Forest Ride also has loads of new experiences for you too. You have to have a level of stamina and confidence for the 4 hour rides but David will talk you through it before you book.

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