Missing Cat from Rosebery Road, Hythe

by Helen
(Hythe, Hampshire)

2 years ago my own cat befriended a stray similar to himself. The stray cat was extremely thin and was so hungry and my cat used to leave food for the stray I named Tinni-tinribs, due to it being so skinny. It's legs were like sticks. It gradually put on weight, so we just named it Tinni who visited every day and kept company with my cat in the garden or went hunting together in the woods.

A month ago Tinni never returned. I have put up posters with no response. I have asked vets and Cat and Kitten rescue with no response yet. I wonder if anyone has seen this pretty black and white cat with long white socks on hind legs and a white stripe down the nose and beautiful slightly hooded large amber eyes. My cat really misses his pall and I do too.

If you have any news please call 07854142256.

Can you help find Tinni please?

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