Mrs. Julie Dorrell

by Julie Dorrell
(Highcliffe, Dorset)

Sorry this is not an animal but yesterday I was in New Milton in Station Road and it was raining heavily and windy and I got very wet and took my gloves off and think I lost my engagement ring somewhere there. I parked at the lower end beyond Bradbeers on the Rydal Pub side in the one hour parking slots and walked up that side to Boots and back. The ring is an antique diamond and sapphire one with the stones set across the band. They are very small stones on a thin gold band. I have managed not to lose it over 47 years and our 48th anniversary is due on 5th December, it is just so sad. If anyone should find this ring and I a sorry the description is not more detailed but stupidly I do not have a photo of it or have its details listed anywhere.

Please use the Contact Me link on any of my pages if you found this precious ring. Thank you.

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