Ray bans

by Donna

Hi there, during a cycle ride on Thursday 14 August 17 we stopped for lunch at a clearing opposite what looked like an underground reservoir a little way along the lane leaving Denny Wood campsite. We cycled off about 2.45pm and after 10 mins of cycling had realised I'd lost my brown ray ban sunglasses. We immediately returned to said spot but they were nowhere to be seen. We had passed several people on bikes and walking and also a warden in a van. The sunglasses could have been anywhere between way marker 296 and 324 both on cycle route 2. I'd be really grateful if anyone found them please to contact me.

What a pity! A pair were found a couple of days later but in a different area of the New Forest. I've added your post here but also given you your own post further up this page. Hope it helps. I don't post peoples personal email addresses so have done it via Contact me
Kind regards

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